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Old style cartoons personalised with your own captions


From our large and valuable collection of American and European antique cartoons we've created authentic pastiches, taking separate elements and where necessary, altering and combining them with our own artist's illustrations, re-composing them to form unusual and distinctive gifts or prizes.


Cleverly (we think!) all the images either hide one of the characters' faces or refer to a person not featured in the scene illustrated. So leaving you to make reference to the friend, colleague or winner you have in mind - without the need to actually draw a precise a caricature of their face.


Therefore, these Punch style cartoons make ideal Captain's and company golf day prizes, corporate gifts, birthday & Christmas presents, retirement presentations...


Your branding within the cartoon


When you’re looking for fresh business gifts, it's not easy to find an idea uniquely different without being gimmicky, something with a high perceived value and the very last word in personalisation. Custom Punchlines never fail to amuse and impress, and the amount of thought that goes into them is universally appreciated. You can be confident that they’ll find their way onto prominent walls where they’ll remain proudly displayed long after the usual branded givaways have faded from the memory. We can even attend your golf day to personalise each cartoon with the winners' names as soon as results are worked out, on the day. (please email us, for more details).


Quality printing and framing


Custom Punchlines are printed on recycled antiqued paper giving the perfect illusion of antiquity. Coloured using traditional techniques and materials, with meticulous care being taken to recapture the spirit of originals at all stages of production.


The frames we have chosen are wood so as to fit into most surroundings (though if you have a particular request for something different please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss other options).


If you're a gallery or framer and wish to do your own framing, that's fine - drop us an email and we'll get straight back to you to discuss the idea further.


Satisfaction Guaranteed


We're confident that you'll be delighted with your personalised cartoon from Custom Punchlines. However, if you're not 100% happy for any reason, feel free to send it back to us (by recorded post within 14 days) and we'll gladly replace it for another joke, or simply refund it's original cost.


Nothing that tickles your fancy?


If you think we're missing a trick and you require a cartoon gift featuring a different subject matter or scenario, do please get in touch. We have many other images in our archives and we're happy to come up with something more appropriate to your purpose.








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